SB1600 J6 160T Servo Motor Injection Molding Machine

Sunbun 160T servo motor injection molding machine
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SB J6 Series Servo Plastic Injection Molding Machine 


 The most advantance double CPU control technology is adpoted 


 100 MCAN digital communication is used for controlling machine movement with higher control precision and faster response speed 


 Equipped with high-end new model servo motor . Featured by high torque . Low noise and longer Durability


 High Response closed loop control mode make the system pressure and flow stable and accurate 


 The corresponding power is outputted according to system load . It's more energy saving . The oil temperature is low .      


 The use of cooling water is reduced . The services life of hydraulic oil and hydraulic parts is enhanced and repetitive precision is enhanced


Sunbun, Your best high speed high precision injection molding machine.




sk 140t servo motor injection molding machine

Injection part

Item/typeUnitSB1600 J6SB2300 J6
Screw type ABCABC
Screw diametermm404550455055
Screw diame-ter ratioL/D23.52119232119
Theoretical injection volumecm³254321396263333412
Injection volume (PS)g231292360240303357
Injection pressureMPa206176152197170148
Injection strokemm290320
Maximal Rotational Speed of Screwr/min245231

Clamping part

Item/typeUnitSB1600 J6SB2300 J6
Clamp TonnageKN16002300
Toggle strokemm410430
Distance between tie barsmm×mm456x440480x460
Maximum mould heightmm500500
Minimum mould heightmm180180
Ejection strokemm140140
Ejector force forwardKN4545
Amount of die thimblePcs1+41+4


Item/typeUnitSB1600 J6SB2300 J6
System pressureMPa1616
Motor powerKW15/15/18.215/15/18.2
Heater powerKW9.39.3
Oil tank capacityL320380
Boundary dimension(L×W×H)m5x1.4x1.755.2x1.5x1.95
Machine weightTon5.57
Side dimension of the molding board